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Dermatological skin care products should be all natural or as close to organic as possible. Products should be developed using hypoallergenic ingredients. They should not contain any occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artificial colors or fragrance, no parabens, no PEG's and no drying S.D. alcohol. Instead, dermatological products should use organic essential oils, enzymes, non bleached or refined oils, organic extracts and distillates, naturally purifying and calming agents, natural preservatives and organically grown and certified herbs. Dermatological skin care products should be formulated following the principle that all areas of the body are linked or connected with other areas. Therefore, blemishes, breakouts, or other problems in the facial skin may be linked to health problems elsewhere in the body (usually the colon).

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Body Targeting / Skin Zones
The face can be broken up into several distinct zones. These zones are then closely connected to other areas or systems of the body. If you are experiencing a facial skin disorder in one of these zones, you should look to its sister zone to determine if this is the true source of your problem.

The Forehead: the forehead region is sister to the bladder and digestive system. If you have problems with the skin in this area, you may need to cleanse these areas by drinking more water and eating a more nutritious diet.

The Eyes and Ears: The eyes and ears are related to the kidneys. Dark circles under the eyes may be hereditary, but they may also mean that your kidneys need to purge waste. Drink more water to move waste through your system more efficiently.

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Upper Nose: The area on the bridge of the nose, directly between the eyes, is related to the liver. Over consumption of alcohol, rich foods, or a food allergy may cause breakouts or blemishes in this area. Cut back on these foods, or consult your health care provider to try to determine the cause of your allergy to clear up the skin of the upper nose.

Cheeks: The cheeks are linked to the respiratory system. Smokers and allergy suffers may have lung deficiencies that will cause problems with the skin in this area.

Nose: Breakouts, blemishes or other problems in this area may indicate the initial stage of rosacea or they may be linked to high blood pressure. Consult your health care professional if you think your blood pressure may be the source of your skin disorder.

Chin: Skin problems on the chin may be caused by a hormonal imbalance, or by premenstrual syndrome. Note the occurrences of blemishes in this area to see if they are associated with your menstrual cycle.

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