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Furfuryladenine (Kinetin and Kinerase) for Skin Rejuvenation

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Furfuryladenine is a plant-derived growth factor claimed to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of skin aging without causing skin irritation. In fact, furfuryladenine has been hailed as a non-irritating alternative to Retin A. Unfortunately, only a few studies of furfuryladenine's effectiveness have been conducted so far. These studies indicate that topical furfuryladenine at 0.1% concentration may be equivalent or superior in its effectiveness to Retin A while producing no or little side-effects in most people. At this point, furfuryladenine appears very promising but more studies are needed to confirm its effectiveness (most importantly the studies not sponsored by furfuryladenine manufacturers). If the benefits of furfuryladenine are reliably proved it may indeed become a superior alternative to Retin A, particularly for wrinkles in sensitive areas such as under eyes.

Currently, furfuryladenine is sold under two brand names Kinetin and Kinerase. Based on current retail prices, Kinerase gives you more active ingredient per dollar spent.

HOME | Skin Diseases | Skin Condition


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