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N-lite laser therapy, a new safer alternative to traditional laser resurfacing


Note: If you are insufficiently familiar with laser skin care, we recommend first reading the article on traditional laser resurfacing in Antiaging Treatments section of this site.

N-lite laser therapy is a new method recently approved by the FDA as effective for treatment of crow's feet. If this method is indeed effective for treating crow's feet, it is very likely to be effective for treating other areas of the face.

The unique feature of N-lite laser is that it uses yellow wavelength of visible light which easily penetrates the outermost skin layer (the epidermis) and is absorbed by deeper layers (the dermis) where it stumulates collagen production. As a result, there is usually no skin burn, no discoloration, minimal redness and no or little downtime for the patient. It is claimed that N-lite can reduce crow's feet by up to 50% within 3 month after the procedure. Further, N-lite laser therapy, though still expensive, costs between $1,000 - 2,000 for a full face treatement - significantly less that a typcial traditional laser.

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Is there a downside to this "miracle" procedure? First, N-lite laser has been around for only a very short time, and it is too early to judge whether its effects are lasting and cosistent. Second, very few dermatologists and surgeons have enough experience with N-lite to ensure its optimal application. Thirdly, the results with N-lite, though impressive, seem to be less dramatic than with CO2 laser.

Bottom line

N-lite laser therapy appears to have an excellent cost/risk/benefit profile but is still in early stages of practical use. It would be prudent to wait until the benefits are better proven and there are more surgeons experienced in using N-lite. In the future, it may very well become a very popular skin rejuvenation option.

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