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The way to moisturize


When applying any moisturizer to face or body it's mandatory to apply it to "damp" skin. The reason is that any good moisturizer is made to hold and trap moisture inside the skin and for as long as possible. The best way to do this is to make sure the area is damp with water, not wet but simply damp. Apply moisturizer over the dampened skin and let it sit for at least a minute then apply a bit more and massage in.

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Also, one must without question apply a sunscreen SPF 15 or above to all exposed areas, especially face. I suggest doing this 2-3 minutes after having applied your regular skin cream or moisturizer to allow it to settle and penetrate. Once your face looks and feels well hydrated and smooth, you may go ahead with your sunscreen! Use sunscreen all year round, from sunset to sundown, on cloudy days as well as sunny, and never forget it.

You could also spritz your face throughout day with your choice of water spritz, even just a small spray purse size bottle with tap water will do. You may apply more sealant after spritzing unless you wear makeup. But even a simple spritz here and there throughout the day will give your skin an added pickup!

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