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Too much washing and skin care can be bad for you


I used to have adult acne form 29 - 35 and was getting fine lines and pitted, leathery skin from using too many products. Then I had a baby at 36. I now have very soft and young looking skin.

My secret? Hygiene neglect. No seriously, I was so busy being a first time and single mom that I stopped bathing as much. I stopped washing my face so much and using so many products (my expensive product ran out and I only had time and money for baby stuff).

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I know many people think my results may be due to hormones and changes in my body, or maybe just new mom happiness glow. But two years later, my skin never looked better. I now just wash my face once a day. I do not use tap water. I use those pre-moistened cloths (I try to find ones with AHA, salicylic acid and vitamin C). I sometimes will put a Glycolic acid solution or even some Mango or Pineapple Juice on the towel and rub away the dirt. I usually put the towelette in the microwave to heat it up. After I wipe away dirt and my face is nice and pink form the heat and massage, I then moisturize with a basic moisturizer with aloe vera, allantoin and vitamin C - I have been using Ponds Age Defying cheap stuff. But I don't think it is the actual products. It's less washing, cleansing skin care, makeup and so forth. And perhaps less self-critical, anxious focus on myself and just mommy love.

I will be turning 40 in 5 months and many people guess me at late 20s or early 30s (I am hoping it is because of my newly glowing skin and not my immaturity.

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