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Exfoliating is very important for healthy, glowing skin, but there is a proper way to do it, that won't injure skin in the process. The use of very grainy, scrubs can have uneven jagged edges that harm and tear at the skin's thin epidermis. Try to use an exfoliant that has either round soft microbeads and made with cushioning emollients like jojoba oil, or, my personal favorite, products with AHA, such as lactic or glycolic acid. These are chemical exfoliants and will not tear skin (but don't overuse). Enzyme exfoliants containing papain from papaya, or milk also work well, and digest the dead skin cells without harming the surface. This will leave your skin glowing without painful red skin from over zealous scrubbing or scrubs that are too grainy. My skin looks great after I exfoliate, and my other products penetrate better, when I don't have a layer of dead skin on the surface.

HOME | Skin Diseases | Skin Condition


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