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The tips of the digits are full of nerve endings and the nails protect those ending while still allowing us to pick up or grip things. Several diseases can affect the nails, some of which can be due to our own poor treatment of them. Excessive manicuring can infect them, chemical damage from topical nail products, or even poor fitting shoes causing the nails to puncture the skin. Skin cancers can even develop and melanoma, the deadliest form, may be observed as a newly noticed long pigmented band of black or dark brown color in the nail itself (usually the thumb or big toe). Allergic reactions to sculptured nails or nail polish, ingrown toenails, fungus, and psoriasis are also some of the more common problems noted.

Some simple maneuvers which would be helpful for preserving the health of your nails would include moisturizing them daily with a simple moisturizing cream if they tend to flak or crack; since the cuticle protects the nail growth area it is best to leave the area alone rather than pushing it back or trimming; if your nail develops a wart-like growth or a colored band or any sort of non-healing area, you should see a dermatologist. Email us for a free pamphlet on nail health.

HOME | Skin Diseases | Skin Condition


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