Beautiful Skin!

The Healthy Skin Care Guide

Everything you need to know about preventing skin cancer and achieving beautiful skin.

May is Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection month, so Ladies' Home Journal teamed up with the American Cancer Society and leading dermatologists for an exclusive report on the skin-care essentials that will keep your skin clear, smooth and healthy.

Now that spring is here, more people are spending more time outdoors in the sun's strong rays. It's time to buy more sunscreen, slather it on and to practice other healthy skin habits. "There's no substitute for beautiful skin." celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin says in his book Face Forward (Little, Brown). We agree. Not only is great-looking skin the ideal canvas for makeup, but it's a sign of good health--inside and out.

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While it's impossible to completely escape the effects of aging on your skin -- fine lines around the eyes start to crop up when women are in their 20s -- some TLC can help minimize the damage. Check out the LHJ Healthy Skin Guide for seven must-know skin-saving moves in Secrets of Dermatologists, plus Nine habits to Make or Break for Perfect Skin.

Fear your skin has already suffered from your love of the sun? It's not to late for you. Try the Five-Step Damage Control Plan to start repairing your skin. If you're one of the more than 50 percent of women between ages 25 and 58 who are plagued by acne, learn how top dermatologists are Treating Adult Acne.

By far, the most important thing you can do for your skin is to be diligent about sun protection -- it's your best defense against skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, but it's also the most preventable. Find out how medical advances are creating revolutionary Skin-Cancer Breakthroughs.

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