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What Diet Your Skin Needs: Find Out!


There is no denying the fact that appropriate diet not only benefits your health, but also your SKIN. A stressful life (inadequate care) and unhealthy eating are two major reasons for poor skin and various skin problems like rashes, dry skin, black circles under your eyes, pimples, acne, pigmentation etc. There are other secondary reasons too which can affect your skin like at the time of pregnancy when there is hormonal change or genetic problem i.e either you have oily or dry skin because of your genes. But more than 70% of the affected skin is due to the primary reasons and one of the major primary reason is inappropriate diet.

Different skin needs different type of diet. But there are few general rules for healthy skin which are universal for everyone.

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Here is the list of the rules:

a) Water, the magical drink, acts as the best medicine for the skin. It not only refreshes you and make your skin glow but also purifies your body which makes the body run most effectively. Read the benefits of water and how it helps your skin glow just a click away at

b) Vitamins are as essential to skin as oxygen to body. Some vitamins do a world of good to your skin. These vitamins are mandatory for glowing and healthy skin.

List of Vitamins essential for your glowing skin and their sources (natural):

  1. Vitamin C : It can be easily found in all citric fruits like orange etc.
  2. Vitamin A : Sources for Vitamin A are papaya, orange, egg yolk etc.
  3. Vitamin B : It is found in all leafy vegetables along with fruits. Other sources are Whole grains , brewers yeast etc.
  4. Vitamin E : It is found in oilseeds, vegetables like broccoli , nuts etc.


HOME | Skin Diseases | Skin Condition


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